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About DecoFresh Roses

Decofresh Roses is a marketing initiative in combination with a group of leading Kenyan farms, which sells a wide range of roses directly from Kenya. We supply straight from the producer to the customer, our roses are hand-picked, quality inspected, well-priced and extremely fresh. We strive to guarantee Quality. Our roses are unpacked and processed under ideal conditions at our Decofresh Holland facilities in Aalsmeer. A large range of top-quality roses are available from our online shop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Decofresh Roses plays a leading role in the research and development of new special varieties, working with leading breeders and has launched and introduced many unique and niche market varieties.

If you have any questions or special requests, please contact us. Experience the quality and freshness of Decofresh Roses! We will happily assist you.

Decofresh Holland Handling
Established in 2003, the concept of the founders was to create a cut flower handling company that is dynamic, innovative and acts as an extension of the farm on the market.
Over the years the company evolved from handling summer flowers and roses from all over the globe (Middle East, Africa, Europe and South America) to specializing in premium cut roses from Kenya.
After having 2 handling locations on 2 Flora Holland locations (Rijnsburg and Aalsmeer), the company decided to centralize all its activities at one location on Flora Holland Aalsmeer, whilst providing services for flowers supplied to all Flora Holland locations.
Initially starting with a small location of 800sqm, Decofresh Holland now boasts 3.500 sqm with 12 handling lines and specialize in the exclusive processing of premium roses.



Marketing & Sales
E-mail: marketing@decofresh.com
Jan Does: +31(0)6-44930041 / jan@decofresh.com
Ruben Van Belen: +31(0)6-13007686 / ruben@decofresh.com
Matti Arielle: +31(0)6-42210709 / matti@decofresh.com

Decofresh Roses Kenya
Cynthia Mutiso +254(0) 716 273549 / cynthia@decofresh.com
Franciscah Ibelia +254 (0) 726 000496 / franciscah@decofresh.com
Jennifer Gertrude +254(0) 722 715288 / jennifer@decofresh.com

E-mail: info@decofresh.com

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